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Understanding the Organization and Technology

The success of any large scale software implementation requires a disciplined approach to project management that focuses not only on the technology but also the organizational impact. That's why Pinnacle Vista Technology takes a cross-functional view, considering the impact of an implementation on:

  • The company's business organization -- by keeping an eye on the ultimate vision, understanding how business processes will be impacted, and working closely with key stakeholders, PVT helps organizations manage through an implementation.
  • Project accounting -- delivering projects on time and on budget cannot be accomplished without a fundamental understanding of accounting principles. PVT applies sound financial and accounting principles to all jobs so that costs are caputured in a timely manner and cost benefit analyses can be employed.
  • Financial controls and compliance such as Sarbanes-Oxley always are often overlooked in ERP and CRM implementations. PVT stays abreast of industry regulations and controls to ensure there are no surprises after an implementation is complete.
  • Vendor management -- external consultants and service providers are a necessary component of most large scale imlementations, but they must also be managed as part of the overall project. PVT helps negotiate terms, control costs, and foster clear, open communiction with outside vendors.

Improved Communications

PVT provides a managed portfolio of IT projects that directly benefit short and long term business goals with a clear understanding of when new business capabilities will be available. Clearly communicated project management processes enable business and IT stakeholders to quickly understand status and focus on resolving issues. With PVT, there is no more flying blind and just trusting that critical projects are proceeding as planned. The productivity of IT department personnel is improved through the implementation of best practices and leading edge organizational models.

The End Game

Increased flexibility, improved delivery capabilities, and in-house retention of core business knowledge are just a few of the benefits corporations realize through the use of PVT's holistic approach to project management.