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Unbiased Software Assessement

We provide an unbiased, value-based Enterprise Software Selection process with a clear presentation of the options, business case, change management strategy, and long term support implications. By weighing the pros/cons of each solution and rationalizing them against business needs, the team provides a comprehensive analysis of solutions to arm business leaders with the right information to make decisions.

Project Planning and Contract Negotiation

Factors such as deployment time, customization needs, and project scope are taken into consideration, providing the basis for project plans. Once a decision is reached, PVT will negotiate favorable terms for clients with a legal team that has extensive experience with enterprise software agreements. The team conducts a thorough, line-by-line contract review to ensure clients best interests are represented.

Maintenance Agreements

For businesses that have existing maintenance agreements, PVT provides a means to get costs under control with a four step process that can result in signifcant savings.

  1. Assessment
  2. Outline specific objectives to reduce costs
  3. Conduct a "fine-tooth" comb review of contracts
  4. Negotiate

Ongoing Vendor Management

After an assessment or solution strategy is completed, a vendor management office can be set up to help companies track contract terms, assess competitive products, and assess performance. For smaller businesses, PVT can consult on an as-needed basis.

With Pinnacle Vista Technology, our clients make fact-based investment decisions that improve the bottom line.